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How We Work With Individuals and Families

The personal financial decisions individuals make are collectively part of an overall wealth creation or risk reduction strategy. Retirement plan packages, college funding, mortgages, wills, inheritance, individually-owned protection products, mutual funds, stocks, and real estate, etc. are all fundamental elements of an entire financial plan. Holistic Financial Services uses a financial blueprint, called the The Living Balance Sheet® to evaluate whether clients are efficiently integrating and coordinating all elements of their plan to build maximum financial wealth and protection. This unique model also simplifies the understanding of how one financial decision can significantly impact the entire financial structure. This tool is available to all of our clients at no cost to them.

Our Approach

The Objectives of Our Wealth Building Approach

  • To enhance your net worth
  • To reduce taxation
  • To give you better control over your money
  • To lower financial costs
  • To provide greater insurance protection
  • To decrease financial risk
  • To educate clients about how money works and the factors that impact financial decisions
  • To provide organization of your financial life
  • To provide a verifiable financial process

Why Do You Need to Use Our Wealth Building Approach?

  • Most people go through life accumulating financial products and services without any real plan. The end result is substantial disorganization, lack of coordination, inefficiency and unnecessary costs.
  • We live in a world of complexity and rapid change. People often are presented with marketing materials regarding their financial decisions. Seldom is there discussion of the downsides of a financial decision or product.
  • We are bombarded daily by financial journalists and pop-financial talk shows which provide non-specific opinions regarding financial planning. If applied without further evaluation, media “misinformation” can seriously undermine an individual's plan.
  • Most financial journals don’t teach about economic analysis, lost opportunity cost analysis, how to manage flows of money, cost recovery strategies or techniques to create efficiency in individual plans. Most Americans either learn those concepts via trial and error, mentorship in a family business, or they never learn it. We incorporate economic education as part of our planning with clients.
  • Information overload can lead to financial paralysis.
  • And Most Importantly…..successful people lack the time to properly research all aspects of money decisions.

How We Help

  • At Holistic Financial Services, we collect your financial information, goals, and personal financial objectives and help to organize your financial data.
  • We provide an easy to understand and easy to follow financial model.
  • We may help you reduce taxes, inefficiency and costs dramatically over your lifetime, by helping to simplify your financial life.
  • We use an economic process that prioritizes and evaluates financial decisions in the context of an individual client’s plan.
  • At Holistic Financial Services, depending on the specifics of your financial life, we can analyze the many money strategies and products being promoted by financial institutions to verify whether they may or may not be the correct solution for your specific plan issues.
  • We assist you in designing and implementing the best combination of process and product to maximize your wealth and protection while attempting to minimize your risk.
  • We employ a definition of financial success to measure whether financial decisions improve your plan or reduce your ability to meet your objectives.

The Definition of Financial Success:

  • To build the maximum wealth optimally possible. This is a unique value for everyone and it varies based on income, assets, lifestyle, family situation etc. We seek to build maximum wealth without assuming undue risk, through improved financial efficiency.
  • For our clients to spend and enjoy the wealth they’ve accumulated. A dollar only has real value when it is consumed. Most people spend their entire lives accumulating wealth. Our representatives want clients to have the ability to access their wealth. The ultimate goal being to incorporate in the plan the ability to use their accumulated wealth without jeopardizing their own security or lifestyle.
  • To pass it on. We seek to build family and charitable legacies into a long range plan. When clients have accumulated wealth, they naturally want as much of it as possible to get to the right people. There are five places money can go at your death. Rather than passing money on to the government or financial institutions, we build plans that focus on the ultimate transfer of as much of our clients assets as they prefer to their families, charities, or religious affiliations.
  • One bad day shouldn’t ruin the entire plan, it must work under all circumstances. We want financial strategies to work even if tax laws change, interest rates fluctuate, the markets are volatile, there is a premature death or a disability, lawsuits, or in the fortunate circumstance of our client enjoying a very long life.